Treat you skin with love.  Our luxurious body oils are formulated to deliver the right amount of nourishements to help reinforce the skin’s natural barrie.  Each formula is unique,  silky, lightweight, and non-greasy to make it an essential skin moisturizer oil.  These oils penetrate deep beyond that first layer of skin, they're great for dry skin. Body oils are made of oils alone, without the water component. Lightweight oils pampers your skin as a moisturizer that instantly vanishes and absorbs quickly into skin, providing essential hydration that leaves skin feeling soft and silky.


Nourishing Body Oil:  made with oat and jojoba oil to moisturize and condition dry, rough, sensitive skin. Lightweight and  free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, Silicones, synthetic dyes and drying alcohol


Coco Goddess:  Helps soothes dry skin and seals in moisture. Gentle formula absorbs quickly and smells devine. 




Coco Goddess Body Oil